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Finished Projects

Here is a few pictures of my past HiFi constructions.

Power Amp

[1997] The power amp is not my own construction, but is based on a zero feedback construction by LC-Audio.

It is good for about 150 W and based round two 800 W torrid transformers and 4 x 22000 uF Rifa capacitors. The box is made of 3 mm aluminum and the front is 20 mm solid granite!!!!

It looks good and sounds even better.

Center Speaker

[1992] My center speaker is based on a 6.5" coax unit from Seas (P17RE COAX/TVF).

Here with the front cover

Rear Speakers

[1992] The rear speakers are based on fairly cheap units from Monacor, namely a 4 " carbon bass (SPP 110) and a 1" dome.


[1991] The pre amp is a "no nonsense" construction based in op-amps. The Riaa section is a to stage construction for MM / High output MCs only, and the line circuit is straight forward. The only uncommon thing is the loop section which allows a Dolby surround decoder to be connected bypassing the preamps volume control.

The power supply ...... 2 x 24 VA toroid transformers, 50.000 uF plus a large input noise filter .......

guess it a bit more than needed :)





Main Speakers

[1991] These speakers where constructed during my time at the academy.

The design is based on Danish quality speaker units. The bass is handled by two 8" Peerless units(220 WR), the midrange by a 5" ScanSpeak Kevlar unit (13M/8640) and the treble by a 1" dome from Dynaudio.

The enclosure is divided in two one for the bass an one for the mid/treble section. The bass enclosure is a vented box (bass reflex) of two times 25 l made of 22 mm MFD (44 mm on the front baffle).


The mid/treble section is made of almost solid oak wood more than 50 mm on the front.

(Because of my two sweet twin daughters, I'we had to put a metal mesh in front of the drivers, as they loved to press their fingers into the tweeter dome and center dome of the mid driver ....... aaaaaaaaagh :o)


The filter is a 3 way 2. order Linkwitch-Relly filter which is placed in a separate box (mostly for the show of it!).

Though they are getting a bit old they sound really good, and has brought me many happy hours of sweet sound.  ...... go for Danish quality, the Danes really makes the worlds best speaker units!