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Useful links to pages about Ribbon Speakers

Andrea Ciuffoli’s hompage

A lot of ribbon concepts described

LaFolia Magnetostatic Ribbon Loudspeaker DIY (do it yourself) Project


Dahlberg  Audio  Design

Excellent page on how to make a near perfect ribbon speaker.


Sound Image

All the different speaker types and concepts explained



Ribbon Loudspeakers
by Justus V. Verhagen

The first book dedicated to these great sounding speakers. The author favors ribbons, especially for use at mid- and high- frequencies. They are inexpensive and can be easily constructed with a minimum of tools. The book presents the theory and history of ribbon speakers and includes construction details for building your own ribbon loudspeakers. An extensive resource section is included along with a detailed listing of ribbon loudspeaker patents.

2003, ISBN 1-882580-44-3. Softbound
Sh. wt: 1 lbs.


25$ at


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ChenYang-Engineering of Magnetics




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