Construction of a DIY ribbon speaker

Simulation in FEMM 4.0.1. Gap between magnets set to 4 mm, same as the drawing above

Flux density across membrane in the start position (red line)

Flux density 1 mm above the start position

Flux density 1 mm below the start position

Flux density 2 mm above the start position (Xmax)


Magnet structure and connection of the 6 conductors on the ribbon. Each conductor is 6 mm wide with 1,5 mm between. With a 11 um thickness and a length of 1,5 m the resistance will be around 4 ohm.

In the drawing below, the FEMM simulation is shown with an overlay that indicates the magnets position (red), and the conductors position (blue).

Possible configuration with a 1,5 m high ribbon and 2 x 6,5", giving a total height of 2 m!