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Links to Amplifier pages

DIY Class-d

Though this site is not what it used to be, there are still interesting subjects coming up. Use the search function to find older threads about construction of DIY class-d amps. Try also these links:

classd4sure  "My DIY UCD"

RX5 "My 1st ever D-amp, WORKING!!!"

classd_fromru "Pictures and circuits of my DIY class D and other projects."

johanps "Development of a "reference" class D starting point "


Elliott Sound Products

Lots of very good and helpful electronics DIY pages. Also an article on Class-d


International Rectifier

Take a look at their reference designs here. Lots of useful information, for the engineer.



Produces the well known HIP4080A, HIP4081A and HIP2100. Especially good reading is the Application Note March 1996 AN9525.2 "Class-D Audio II Evaluation Board (HIP4080AEVAL2)". It doesn't seem to be on the web anymore. Write me for a copy.


Commercial Class-d


Danish company (part of B&O) that produces some very good Class-d amps. These can be found in products from Adam Audio, Bang & Olufsen, B&W, Jeff Rowland, PS Audio, Rotel, Audi and more.



Known and loved for their UcD modules. Lots of well deserved hype around these products. Low prices and very high quality.



Really nice amp modules for DIY. Reasonably priced and well built. Matching switch mode power supplies also available.

Danish company run by Lars Clausen, from the former LC-Audio where he developed the ZAP amplifiers, The End, and ZapPulse.